7 Songs You Didn't Know Were Connected

From samples to covers, there are many songs that you don't know are linked.


After listening to a song that you love (whether it be for the millionth time or the first), it's common to go back and try to learn every detail about it. Finding out that the front man hates it, or that it was written whilst high on a wide concoction of drugs, no matter the little tidbit, it adds a little something to the song.

Often times, doing some research into a song reveals that it actually has some connections to other pieces of music. Whether it be a sampled beat, a shared writer, or a story connection, many songs that you didn't think were initially connected share a much bigger link than you might assume.

This connection might make you appreciate the song even more, or you might be shocked to realize a song you love so much is actually a cover of a track that you've never even heard of.

Here we will be going over not just covers and samples, but also shared narratives that link a song to another, even through albums.

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