8 Crazy Conspiracy Theory Songs By Well-Known Artists

The truth is out there...


We live in a post-truth age.

...Or maybe that's just what the media wants us to think?

At any rate, the internet has become a tool never before seen in a human history, bringing together millions of isolated crackpots from across the world to concoct elaborate theories about pop culture figures, world events and who's really in control.

What's surprising, though, is how many of these crackpots turn out to be pop culture figures themselves; celebrities no less famous than Bruce Willis, Mark Ruffalo and Kylie Jenner have endorsed conspiracy theories of some variety. But that's par for the course in an era when the most powerful man on the planet appears on Alex Jones' show.

Sometimes these celebrities are musicians, and sometimes they can't help but sneak their left-field beliefs into their music. From chemtrails to the Illuminati, there doesn't seem to be many conspiracy theories that haven't been immortalised in song - here are 8 of the weirdest examples.

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