8 Embarrassing Adult Re-Inventions From Famous Musicians

Reliving those times musicians tried for something more mature, and heroically failed instead. Note: may include hip-hopera.

Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears 4354576 640 320 Many musicians try to reinvent themselves in an attempt to mature over the course of their career. Some take time off from their bands to explore their own style, often veering into new genres, learning to write and perform without the comfort of fellow band members. Some push the boundaries of the music they already make, and experiment with it, making concept albums, incorporating new techniques into their sound. Others,usually musicians that have been in the business from a very young age reach a point where they tire of their cutesy, innocent persona and reinvent themselves, usually in an exaggeratedly sexual way or by rebelling against the law. Some people manage the transition really well. Justin Timberlake is a great example of someone blossoming from a band situation and becoming a really successful artist in his own right. For the pushing the boundaries, Blur are fantastic; they have experimented with many different styles but always make music that sounds like them and no-one else. Christina Aguilera started out quite innocently (as former Disney stars are wont to do) and then unleashed her single Dirrty on us, accompanied by a video featuring her in bottomless chaps, and has continued to be very sexual over her career, while still making great music. But some other artists really seem to have no idea what they're doing. Here are some of the musicians who embarrassed themselves in their attempts to act all grown-up.

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