8 Hotly Anticipated 2016 Albums (And Why They'll Be Disappointing)

Try not to get your hopes up.

A new album by one of your favourite artists is one of life's profoundest joys. The excitement when it's announced, the anticipation coming up to's a feeling that can't be replicated, and it's made all the more significant when it's an album by an artist who hasn't released any new material in a long, long time. But all too often music fans get excited for a new release, only to be disappointed. The worst is when this disappointment is totally unexpected, and seemingly comes out of nowhere. Their last album was so what on earth happened? There are several upcoming albums that €“ if given some some thought €“ are already set up to fall short. The signs are there, it's just a case of looking out for them. But it's difficult to keep up to date with every step of an album's writing and recording process €“ especially when you're anticipating multiple albums. Want to curb some of the inevitable disappoint, then, before it's too late? This list will temper your excitement and provide a more realistic perspective on some of 2016's most hotly anticipated releases...


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