8 Irrefutable Reasons Punk Rock Is Good For Your Kids

God Save The Teens.

Punk doesn't come with a handbook, because that's exactly what it isn't. Ask the everyday parent what they think when young Emily starts blasting The Exploited through her bedroom walls, though, and it's probably not going to be all that positive. Movie depictions of the angsty adolescent, the nihilist rebel and the suicidal emo all contribute to the general consensus that punk is probably the most troublesome of all musical genres, when it's really quite the opposite. Where idols are concerned, you probably don't want your kids to follow in the footsteps of Sid Vicious or Kurt Cobain, but that doesn't mean their music was bad. Sure, they both killed themselves - but so did Vincent Van Gogh - and you wouldn't be worried if your child took an interest in his art, would you? There are some legitimately good lessons from punk rock bands that make the genre a sweet soundtrack to positively sculpt young minds in the way they want it too. That's not to say you must Sellotape a pair of headphones to your child and put The Clash on repeat - but if they do listen to it and love it - here's why it's definitely not a problem.
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