8 Mind-Bending Album Covers And What They Really Mean

Just because it's weird doesn't mean it doesn't make sense...

Back in the day, album covers were extremely important. For a start, they were significantly larger, as they adorned the sleeves of vinyl records, not comparatively tiny CD cases. Back then, album artwork was seen as much more of an extension of the album itself, as it was impossible not to look at it before removing and playing a record. These days, with the immense popularity of iTunes and streaming services, it's a lot easier to completely disregard album art. Yet even now bands and artists continue to take album art incredibly seriously, working with designers and approving only what they think is right. There's a lot to be gained by paying attention to cover art. Most of us are guilty of sparing a glance and nothing more, more interested in the music than anything else. But there are some album covers out there that are so bizarre and mind-bending that it's tough not to spend just a little bit longer wondering what they're all about. What are they about? What's with the floating shadows on Muse's Absolution or the breasted Marilyn Manson on Mechanical Animals? Well, wonder no more. This list well let you know what some of the world's strangest album covers really mean.

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