8 Music Artists You Wrongly Thought Were One-Hit Wonders

Believe it or not, some fans followed The Calling wherever they would go.

The Calling Wherever You Will Go
The Calling/RCA Records

One-hit wonder songs are to be cherished. From the likes of Who Let the Dogs Out to Eye of the Tiger, there have been so many tracks over the years (and new ones continue to be made every day) that become flash-in-the-pan sensations that take over pop-culture and then become engrained in the cultural consciousness.

However, this kind of rapid success also means the songs themselves become bigger than the artists behind them, making them one-and-done acts destined to forever chase the impossible heights of their one big tune.

In some cases though, just because you only know a band for their most famous song doesn't mean that's all they're actually known for. In some cases, perceived one-hit wonders are anything but, and actually have long, interesting careers that birthed plenty of songs and albums that still enjyoed success both critically and commercially.


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