8 Rock Bands Who Didn't Write Their Biggest Hits

Quick, bring in the corporate songwriters. We need a hit.

Columbia Records

For most artists, outside songwriters are an essential ingredient for success in the music business. In the pop world, having an army of usually Swedish songwriters pile the sugar into your mix has become an industry standard since the 90s especially, but for rock bands this can often be a badge of dishonour.

It's often a solution imposed by record labels eager to milk a last bit of success out of an ageing band that is running out of hooks. Low on cash, a lot of previously huge bands are willing to take a shot at a crossover hit and eventually cave to adding drum loops and DJ scratches to a recording that will haunt them forever.

Other times, it's a case of the band themselves falling in love with an outside writer's composition. Some of the songs on this list fall into that category and are totally credible entries in the band's discography. Others stand out a like an unsightly pimple, but that's all for the listener to decide.

When a song like this becomes the band's biggest hit, who can complain? Fickle rock fans, of course.

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