8 Times Marilyn Manson Proved The World Wrong

8. He's Not Depressing - He's Hilarious

With rasping vocals, devilish lyrics and all of that thick, black make-up, it's not surprising the casual observer's immediate reaction would be to dispel Manson as depressing. Entire media crusades have been founded on this very inference, blaming Manson for causing violent teens and fuelling depression and isolation.

Like so often, however, the reality is quite different. Put simply, Manson is downright hilarious €“- he has a fantastic sense of humour. Even from nearer the start of his career, the pale rocker hasn't been afraid to have a laugh.

Take this 1998 commercial for the VMAs, for example. The commercial sees actor Ben Stiller and Manson poke fun at each other, with Stiller accusing Manson of trying to be "bad" by wearing mascara and letting his ass hang out on-stage.


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