8 Underrated Albums From Your Favorite Artists

Great Bands/Great Songs/Overlooked albums.

David Goldman/AP

Most artists become popular for their spectacular songwriting ability in their prime. These songs become etched in your brain and become an important part of who we are as fans. And more often than not fans can point to one album or one song as a band's defining statement.

But what happens to the rest of the band's discography? With one landmark album, it's typically downhill for some bands. There are different albums that fall into obscurity though. Every band has those albums that meet a deaf ear upon their initial release. These are albums where artists usually take risks or become too homogeneous for the fans to care anymore.

Among these albums, some truly remarkable albums fall through the cracks. Albums that were panned in their prime but are actually standout achievements in a band's discography. Whether it's bad marketing or too drastic a change in sound, these albums never seemed to get their proper time in the sun. So here's their time to shine. Here's a look back a bunch of great songs from great artists - but from records you probably didn't buy.

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