8 Wrestling Gimmicks That Totally Ripped-Off Musicians

8. Kid Kash (Kid Rock)

Kid Rock Kid Kash
WWE/Reinhold Matay/AP

Despite being a graduate of Ricky Morton's wrestling academy (where apparently he was battered and bruised by the Rock 'n' Roll Express legend to 'toughen him up'), David Cash jobbed around America's independent circuit without finding much in the way of success. It wasn't until he joined ECW that the journeyman hit gold - or rather, 'Kash'.

For the first few years of his spell in Philadelphia, the high-flyer was rarely seen, competing under a slight alteration of his surname ('Kash'). It wasn't until 1999, after a slew of ECW's top stars had departed for better (or at least, more lucrative) pastures that Kash was given a shot in the arm.

Based entirely on his uncanny physical resemblance, Kash was rechristened 'Kid Kash' in homage to burgeoning rocking rapper Kid Rock. The timing couldn't have been any better; within a year, the Michigan musician was synonymous with wrestling, providing music for WWE as his popularity skyrocketed. Kash followed suit, adopting Rock's breakout hit 'Bawitdaba' as his theme music (though we suspect ECW may not have paid royalties for his services like WWE). It was even the name of his finisher!

As the times changed, Kid Rock became distinctly unhip, and Kash reverted back to being just a decent worker. One of them has since been inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame. Nope, not the wrestler.


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