9 Famous Band Logos And What They Really Mean

From the very simple to the extremely complex...

A great band logo can be incredibly valuable. The best manage to represent the band, unify their discography and give fans a sense of belonging, all while evoking an individual sense of what the music is really about. That's not to mention the value of an awesome band logo when it comes to marketing, as easily identifiable logos are plastered over all kinds of merchandise and act as free advertising by eager fans. And in some instances, band logos become iconic in and of themselves, famous visual images that are instantly recognizable even when the group in question is not. But there are many band logos out there that €“ when you stop to think about them €“ don't seem to make much sense. What do things like the Nirvana smiley face and The Rolling Stones tongue actually mean, or represent? This list has the answers. Here are nine famous band logos and what they really mean.
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