9 Fascinating Studio Accidents That Made It Into Famous Songs

From forgetting the lyrics to sitting on an instrument...

The words €œrecording studio€ conjure up specific images, like a clean, luxurious workspace complete with hanging microphones and more knobs and buttons than there are tracks in an artist's entire discography. In a word, it's professional. Singers and musicians enter recording booths and sing the same vocals and play the same instruments over and over again until they've got everything just right. There's no room for mistakes or blemishes...those are for live performances, right?

The reality is very different. For a start, not all artists record in expensive recording studios. In order to achieve various effects, many record in much more intimate settings (like Ben Folds, who recorded his second album at home, or Led Zeppelin, who recorded an album in Mick Jagger's back garden). This can lead to unexpected interference and besides, no matter where a musician is, there's always the possibility of human error. What's even more unexpected, however, is when these accidents sound good.

They somehow add an unidentifiable quality to the song, and are ultimately left in. At this point you've probably heard some of them so many times you weren't even aware they were mistakes. From The Beatles to Green Day, here are the nine best.

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