9 Greatest Hoaxes In Music

From The Beatles' secret album to Radiohead's B-Side about ketchup...

When it comes to hoaxes, people tend to think primarily about faked photographs of big foot and people running around claiming to have seen Nessie. But what's less well documented are hoaxes pulled in the music world These hoaxes tend to much more sophisticated than simply photoshopped images. After all, the ability to doctor pictures and videos has been present since the beginning of photography €“ what's more difficult is to make people question what they're hearing.

Musical hoaxes come in many different forms. Sometimes they're fake tracks (in fact, often they're entire fake albums) but sometimes they're a bit more...strange.

Whether it's lying about band-based relationships or tricking the world into thinking a certain language is spoken by fans of a specific genre, the history of music has seen a ton of bizarre (and sometimes hilarious) musical hoaxes. The act of song-writing is often associated with a certain amount of truthfulness. Singing is widely seen to be an honest expression of the heart. But that hasn't stopped some extremely famous musicians from becoming the victims €“ and perpetrators €“ of these elaborate tricks.

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