9 Radio-Friendly Songs About Murdering Somebody

9. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine - The Killers

The Killers shot out of Las Vegas like a gambler who just waged his family on a pair of aces and lost. They released Hot Fuss in 2003 and among the number of singles on the album there was this one that never really became a single, but was the first song on the album, leading into the rest of a very musically-tight album.

The song is quite evidently about a friend of the singer's named Jenny. No big whoop. If you were born in the seventies or eighties, you knew a girl named Jenny. You may even remember her number. With a sound reminiscent of Duran Duran and a plodding, melodious base line, the simple lyric of "come on come on come on" gives a nice little hook to this story of a perhaps ambiguous murder. Either he is giving her a really big hug or else he is choking the life out of her. Although he denies in the song that there is a motive...come on, her name was Jenny.

Lead singer Brandon Flowers has since gone on record after its release as saying this is part of his 'Murder Trilogy', the other two 'confessional songs' being 'Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf' and 'Midnight Show'. So, points for obsessive detail, Mr. Flowers.


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