Alter Bridge: Ranking Every Album From Worst To Best

Walk the Sky is one of their absolute best.

Alter Bridge

Since 2004, Alter Bridge have given us six genuinely outstanding rock albums, all being a massive cut above the competition.

Myles Kennedy's vocals hit and sustain notes that leave YOU wanting breath, Mark Tremonti is easily one of the finest guitarists working today, and has only strived to push boundaries for over two decades (not to mention, his solo albums are thrash metal BANGERS, and his technical chops are insane). Then there's rhythm section Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Philips on drums, locking everything in with punchy grooves and powerful beats.

Alter Bridge are a band that refuse to stick to formulas that were mostly outdated when they got together, and the result has been one hell of a ride, both for the band members and all of us.

Now, this ranking is going to be INCREDIBLY hard. Each album here has so much to offer and I cannot stress enough how AB are one of the true modern greats.

Still, only one can take the top spot, so let's break down everything they've released in the last 15 years.

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