Arctic Monkeys' Humbug - 10 Years On: Ranking The Tracks From Worst To Best

9. The Jeweller's Hands

Closing tracks hold something of an esteemed place in the Arctic Monkeys universe and very often assume the mantle of the fan favourite, none more so than Favourite Worst Nightmare's "505". Striking then that the group chose to conclude Humbug with perhaps the most unorthodox song on the album: "The Jeweller's Hands".

Amidst a delicate wonderland of swirling synths and propulsive guitars, Turner lends his voice to his band's fawning Bob Dylan impression. It's all here: the shrill majesty of the keys, the cynical surrealism of the lyrics, the prevailing tone of condescension in vocal delivery. "The Jeweller's Hands" is so different in fact that it rarely enters the conversation in any discussion of Arctic Monkeys songs and would be greeted with shock and confusion should the present-day band ever decide to give it a live airing.

But therein lies its power. As an anomaly even in the increasingly-divergent back catalogue of its creators, it's an unconventional hidden gem to be celebrated. Festival sing-a-long track this is not...


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