Arctic Monkeys: Ranking The Albums

2013 was a monumental year for Sheffield’s finest rock stars...

Arctic Mokeys 2013 was a monumental year for Sheffield€™s finest rock stars. On its release, their scintillating fifth album, €˜AM€™, skyrocketed to number one, becoming the fifth successive commercial approval of a band, who in style and attitude, are as individual as they come. Sitting in high positions on many publications€™ €˜Best Albums 2013€™ lists (apart from a rather spiteful omission from indier-than-thou hipsters, Pitchfork Media), €˜AM€™ was the sound of a band at the peak of their powers and their funky, resplendent best. Performing the album to hoards of screeching fans on a sell-out UK tour, the Brylcreem€™d lotharios of soul-exposing rock had one of the best years of their young careers. But aside from all of the hype where does the current, hormone heavy vibe of the Monkeys sit alongside their former incarnations? Which begs the further questions- 'Is €˜Humbug€™ really the sore thumb that every claims it is?' Or 'Does their debut stand up to the test of time?' And most importantly, just why DID Alex and Alexa part ways? No fear! All will be answered (except maybe the last one) as we rank, from worst to first, every Arctic Monkeys album since the beginning of time! That's five, by the way...

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