AWFUL Lyrics Quiz: Who Sang It - Maroon 5 Or Nickelback?

Chad Kroeger and Adam Levine have penned some pretty terrible lyrics.

Nickelback Maroon 5

Two acts often described as "the most hated band in music", Maroon 5 are the American funk rockers turned vapid pop stars, while Nickelback are the Canadian radio-rockers who have long-been derided by the internet. Both have some awful lyrics.

This list has picked some of the worst lines by both bands. It is your job to guess which is behind them. Is it Adam Levine's Maroon 5 Or Chad Kroeger's Nickelback?

Answers at the end. Try not to cringe. There's some absolute shockers in here. Good luck!

1. The Sex She Slipped Into My Coffee... The Way She Felt When She First Saw Me


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