Beatles Solo Songs Quiz: Who Sang What - John, Paul, George Or Ringo?

Which Fab Four member sung what after The Beatles broke up?


The Beatles split up before the their 12th and final album Let It Be released in 1970, but that didn't mean any of the members stopped making great music.

As of 2019, the Fab Four have released a combined 70 solo studio albums. Bassist Paul McCartney has released the most studio albums with 25.

Fans can create their own Beatles albums imagining the band were still together with so many hours of music. And we've created our own project here, except in this quiz, your job is to identify which Beatle sang each of these 12 solo songs.

Was it John, Paul, George, or Ringo?

How well do you know the The Beatles after they split? Test your knowledge on this Beatles Solo Songs Quiz.

Answers at the end.

1. Crippled Inside

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