Bow Wow Shoots On WWE's Roster

Rapper maps out WWE debut then roasts company's roster in social media posts.

Bow Wow

It seems Bow Wow was serious when he recently pitched joining WWE.

The rapper revealed on Twitter that he's started training with Rikishi in California, but don't expect him to embark on this journey quietly. After announcing his intentions, Bow Wow began taking shots at several WWE stars.

First, he popped up for some kayfabe banter with Damian Priest about Bad Bunny. He said he has John Morrison's back, and that Priest should "stop hiding from the real Mr. Bunny".


Then, it all kicked off.

Bow Wow later tweeted that any members of the WWE roster he mentions online should be grateful for the spotlight. "Most have like 70k followers", he said. Bow Wow then added that he was doing a "Million Dollar Man laugh" in brackets.


Not finished, the rapper pointed out that someone who appears every week on WWE Raw should have more than "50k followers". He closed that particular tweet by saying, "Something not adding up".

Obviously, this won't endear Bow Wow to the WWE locker room, but maybe he doesn't care. He might just view all this as a good laugh - it's also true that he is capable of giving workers mainstream attention.

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