British Glam Rock Quiz: Who Performed These Glam Rock Hits

They tore up the UK charts in the 1970s, but how much do you remember about British glam rock?

David Bowie Aladdin Sane

In March 1971, T. Rex appeared on Top Of The Pops to promote the band’s latest single Hot Love. Marc Bolan, the group’s frontman, wore a shiny satin shirt and glitter on his face. This performance was the public coming out party for a musical movement that would dominate British charts in the early '70s.

Glam rock was a musical middle finger to the pomposity of late '60s rock and the emerging prog rock sound. Its protagonists rejected overt complexity and self seriousness. Instead, they channelled the sounds of bubblegum pop and 1950s rock 'n' roll into a celebration of decadence and fun.

Glam rock’s signature look was flamboyant, with many of the genre's key players dabbling in make-up and flirting with androgyny (though some pulled off the make-up better than others). In managing to put camp right into the mainstream, glam rock created cultural reverberations we are still feeling today.

Some glam acts are forever frozen in the early '70s, while others transcended the genre and enjoyed greater career longevity, but either way a lot of those glam hits still hold up, delivering giddy thrills. Which begs the question, can you remember which glam rockers performed which songs?

1. Tiger Feet


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