Can You Fill The Gaps In These Queen Lyrics?

How well do you remember Queen's most iconic songs?


If you were to name a band with the biggest amount of iconic songs, then you'd probably think of Queen. This formative English four-man group became some of the most influential music icons of all time, not only because of their music and charismatic members, but because of their memorable lyrics.

Even after the tragic death of Freddie Mercury and the bands decision not to make new music, you'll still find yourself encountering tunes from this pop/rock band all over the place. Enter a football stadium, and you'll probably hear "We Are The Champions". Stroll into a bar, and you might listen to someone singing " We Will Rock You". Hell, there was a time when all their best hits were part of a West End musical.

Their music is as ever-lasting as it is relatable, quick to memorise and captures that pure sense of anthem that lets groups all over sing along. But just how well do you know the troupe's iconic lyrics?

This quiz is a great chance to test yourself out and recall the nostalgic "Days Of Our Lives" where you first listened to Queen and soon found yourself singing along.

1. "Ain't No Sound But The Sound Of His Feet. ____ Ready To Go."

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