Comity - The Journey Is Over Now EP Review

This is music designed to be absorbed into, music that can be listened to time and time again and still discover something completely different.

rating: 4.5

Facebook: Imagine Paris with its picturesque streets, glorious sights and smells, the incredible landmarks and romance in the air. Beautiful, eh? Now forget all of that and listen to Comity who, according to their Facebook, is €˜an extreme rock and roll band fromParis€™. These guys sound nothing like anything you€™d associate with the city of love. This 4 track, 50 minute EP is the music that will play during Armageddon, it is the soundtrack to the apocalypse, and it€™s bloody brilliant. Before I start reviewing this, if ten-minute-plus prog metal clusterfucks aren€™t your kind of thing, then don€™t even attempt to listen to this. On the other hand, if you€™re ready to be challenged, intrigued and hopefully enthralled, step right up. Comity combine death metal, hardcore, mathcore, sludge, post-rock, post-metal and probably about a dozen other genres if you listen hard enough. Easy listening it ain€™t, but if you treat these four tracks as one long musical experience, they will take you on a journey unlike any other. Taking each track apart individually would be virtually impossible due to the sheer amount going on over the course of them, plus naming them Parts I through IV further reinforces the fact that this is an EP designed to be listened to from start to finish. To give the tracks a kind of summary though, Parts I and II are the heavier parts of the EP, sounding like a mesh of Between the Buried and Me and The Dillinger Escape Plan. Part I has an incredible post-metal instrumental section during its second half, and some of the timing displayed on the more mathcore sections of Part II is impeccable. Part III is arguably the most satisfying part of the EP, with its acoustic yet still heavily distorted guitar building up into a gloriously atmospheric ending, which really helps to show the band€™s skill as instrumentalists, and that they know how to put a song together, proving it€™s not just a madcap selection of riffs and screams as some listeners may initially think. The final 22 minute part combines everything on the EP with an awesome sense of groove and pure evil culminating with the track slowing to a crawl with an almighty doom riff before transitioning into an enormous math-metal finish, although it could maybe be slightly shorter. This is not music to listen to for fifteen minutes then throw away. This is music designed to be absorbed into, music that can be listened to time and time again and still discover something completely different. It won€™t break into the mainstream no matter how warped your imagination is, and it€™s definitely an acquired taste, but if Comity sound like your sort of band, I urge you to sit down and give this a listen, allow it to wash over you and attempt to take in as much as you can. You won€™t be disappointed.
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