Daft Punk's Random Access Memories: All 13 Tracks Reviewed and Analysed

Daft Punk The days are darkening, the leaves are browning and there's a slightly singed smell in the air. It'll be Christmas before we know it, and 2013 will have flown by quicker than Leon Jackson's career. 2013 will be remembered by a few faces, and those who dared not to show theirs; as humans, we're fascinated by musicians who might not be, and France's favourite robotic double act certainly lit up this year like the arena in 'Tron: Legacy'. As we take a look back at Daft Punk's masterpiece 'Random Access Memories' track by track, what are your favourite songs on the record? Comment below as always!

1. Give Life Back To Music

With all the fanfare that a Daft Punk return deserves, 'Give Life To Music' air-guitars itself into life, before caramelising into the 70's disco that the duo so famously sourced on the likes of 'One More Time' and 'Digital Love'. Only this time, it feels a bit more tangible: where Bangalter and de Homem-Christo used to nostalgically nod towards the past in their pretty production, 'Give Life Back to Music' feels firmly rooted in the past. From the Nile Rodgers guitar to the Wurlitzer, shimmering like a discoball, 'Give Life Back to Music' doesn't strive to be relevant; even the vocoder that seemed so out-there, so many years ago, is now considered "Classic Daft Punk". This is the stage that the band have reached: they no longer feel like they have to try to look forward. They'll always reinvent the sounds they were brought up on, and with this opening track, they've proved that they will be as timeless as their heroes.
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