Download Festival 2015: 11 Heavy Tracks Muse Need To Play

Matt Bellamy needs to get his big guns out.

Rich Fury/AP

Muse might not have been most metal fans' choice for a headliner at the former Monsters Of Rock event, but there's no doubting their live credentials. And they have acknowledged that they'll adapt to the tastes on show at Donington.

The band have promised to alter their set to cater specifically to the Download audience, adding weight to certain songs and concentrating on their heaviest tracks for the most part. If that means specially organised versions of songs that fans might even be overly familiar with, then that's more than welcome (particularly given some still argue that Muse aren't as heavy as a headliner should be).

But looking back through Muse's catalogue, there are songs that offer flashes of heaviness: which flirt in licks with being something altogether more substantial than the anthemic fare that has scored them the highest chart positions. And it's likely that those songs are the ones that will be beefed up for Donington.

But even without the need to inject much more muscle, some songs will delight even the most hardy of metal fans...

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