Esquille - Rock This Club Down EP Review


rating: 4

In this day and age, there is little that emerges from the dance and electronic music scene of Sweden that doesn't toy with greatness. As a long standing practitioner in the field, Esquille has produced an EP that channels the aura of dance music throughout the ages, demonstrating that since his absence from the realm of EDM over the past ten years, the roots of the genre still possess the capability to rouse a dance floor to its feet. Since shutting down his studio a number of years ago due to the rise in illegal downloads, EDM has seen a cataclysmic change, thanks to the technological developments within the industry. For this reason, it is hard not to admire Esquille for his refusal in selling out in a genre which has become an accumulation of similar sounding melodies and pounding bass-lines, with creativity severely lacking. 'Don't Stop The Rhythm' emulates the vibrant and upbeat melodies of the 90's disco sound, with Esquille's work on the keyboard providing an enigmatic melody that gets the pimsoles tapping readily. Similarly, 'House Thing' possesses a smooth R&B bass-line that immediately casts one back to the more funky days of old. A concoction of groovy guitars and swerving synths culminate in a frenzy of sounds that is bound to up the tempo and heighten the atmosphere of any club. More in fitting with the modern musings of the genre, 'Moven Up' is an up-tempo track that you coud see carrying the energy of any party. With a glitchy melody and paced at 130BPM, 'Moven Up' appears to be the closest Esquille comes to emulating the EDM of the modern age, which is far from the case with 'Rock This Club Down' and 'Música Electrónica', two tracks that cast you back to the dancefloors of 90's Europe. In such a competitive industry in which anybody with access to the right equipment can become a global superstar, it appears almost futile that Esquille would try and reclaim his position at the forefront of the genre. But many would argue, and I feel passionately about this - it never hurts to go back to the basics. After all, EDM took off, in the process becoming one of the most popular genres within the entirety of the vast music spectrum. And on the basis of this EP I think Esquille's latest venture can really rock the clubs once more...
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