Every Arctic Monkeys Album Ranked

Now that the moon dust has settled, could this be the definitive order?


Sheffield rockers Arctic Monkeys have been around the block a few times now. They've released six studio albums within a career that spans over ten years, taking the UK by storm at the tender age of 19 with the fastest selling debut album in British music history.

But was it their best?

Never ones to retread old ground, each album from the Monkeys has been wildly different to the last. You could say it's like comparing apples to oranges, but it's all fruit ultimately so we're giving it a try. Whether they're cartwheeling down sand dunes in the Humbug days or cruising through LA in the AM era, the common thread has always been the quality of their vision and storytelling.

As an avid fan who's followed them since their first single, it does feel like picking between your children, but I hope my unhealthy love for this band makes me somewhat qualified to try and settle the score, at least until the next album. Read on and risk anger, vindication or wholehearted bemusement.


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