Every Iron Maiden Album Closing Song Ranked From Worst To Best

The Maiden sure do know how to close an album.

Iron Maiden

Since their formation in 1975, English rock royalty Iron Maiden have entertained millions of fans across the world with their furious playing style, historical lyrics, and penchant for the theatrical when on stage.

Even now, almost 50 years on from their birth, Maiden are one of the biggest bands in the world of any genre, still carrying the flag for old school British heavy metal in a world where so many of their contemporaries have fallen by the wayside.

Due to their longevity, Maiden have released an extraordinary number of albums; 17 full studio records, with their most recent, Senjutsu, arriving in 2021.

Every album needs a final song, and Maiden's discography is full of banging closers that have brought an end to some of the best metal albums ever recorded. Equally, there have been a few duds over the years, spoiling great records or sitting in line with other subpar tunes.

For the purpose of this list, a "Closing Song" is the final listed track on the standard edition of an album; no hidden tracks, no bonus editions, just as Maiden intended.

With that out of the way, let's get ready to rock.

17. Alexander The Great - Somewhere In Time

To close out their sixth studio album, 1986's Somewhere in Time, Maiden chose to write a song that lasted nearly nine minutes about... famed Macedonian military leader Alexander the Great.

Okay then.

Whilst the music for this finale is decent, a nice combination of classic Maiden flare with an even stronger military overtone than usual, the subject matter is just bizarre. Hearing Bruce Dickinson screech out the general's name is borderline comedic, bringing the album to an utterly random close.

Iron Maiden love a bit of history in their songs, but this one sounds less like an epic war saga and more like someone mindlessly bellowing out the description of a cheap History Channel documentary.


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