Every Judas Priest Albums Ranked Worst To Best

16. Jugulator

We’re told never to judge a book by its cover, but never not to judge an album by its title. This applies to Jugulator perfectly. Sounding more like an Insane Clown Posse record than a Priest one, Jugulator was the first album to feature Tim Owens as Halford's vocal replacement and to be very honest you can tell it’s all so wrong!

Whilst better overall than the later ‘Demolition’ effort, the lyrical tone on this 1997 record was much darker than in previous albums. This, combined with the unfamiliar vocal stylings of Owens, courted disaster for the final record.

Negativity aside, there are a couple of bright spots on this album; with Bullet Train being a fan favourite to this very day and Cathedral Spires being a genuinely well-constructed metal track. It’s a crying shame the talent and quality of these songs weren’t reflected on the rest of the tracklist.


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