Every Muse Album Ranked Worst To Best

The prog rock trio from worst to best.

Chris Pizzello/AP

Muse have been one of the most interesting bands of the 21st century. Beginning in 1994, this modern power trio is one of the most talented group of rockers to come out of England. In addition to their fantastic musicianship, Muse have always found ways to shake up their sound with each record. The band's eclectic taste in rock, electronica, metal, and pop have kept fans intrigued for decades now.

However, there is a definite order in which these albums fall. While Muse never released a flat-out reprehensible album, some of their records are easier to digest than others. Some may be very immediate with their aesthetic, but others may require a bit more of a settling-in experience to be fully appreciated.

In some areas, these records can be angry and forceful but can be wistful and reflective in others. But throughout all these switch-ups, Muse have always had a penchant for setting up a scene in their music in a way few other bands can. Since time is running out, let's take a run through Muse's back catalog to see where the highest and lowest hits land.

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