Every My Chemical Romance Single Ranked Worst To Best

At the height of their fame and infamy, MCR produced a wealth of hit singles, but which is the best?


2013 through 2019 were dark days for My Chem fans.

The band, who had been in the middle of recording the follow-up to 2010's Danger Days, announced their break-up seemingly out of the blue.

Though band members Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro and Mikey Way went on to have moderately successful solo careers of their own, fans yearned for a return of the four-piece and the release of their elusive scrapped album, The Paper Kingdom.

Rumours of a reunion periodically sent the internet spiralling into hysteria, with the 2016 re-release of The Black Parade (including several unreleased tracks) in particular making fans a little too hopeful. Though unsubstantiated claims of an imminent reunion rapidly dwindled, Killjoys wouldn't have to wait long for their dreams of a My Chemical Romance reunion to become a reality.

Halloween of 2019 will certainly go down in history books as one to remember, with the rock legends surprising fans by announcing a reunion show, which was shortly followed-up with a tease of new music in the form of an ominous track titled "An Offering".

With speculation rife about whether everyone's favourite emo band are gearing up to release a new record, now is the perfect time to rank all of My Chemical Romance's singles, from worst to best.

Please note that while Conventional Weapons, the band's scrapped album released between The Black Parade and Danger Days, was technically released as a series of singles, this list focuses on songs released to promote a studio album.


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