Every Nickelback Album Ranked From Worst To Best

All nine albums from rock's most divisive band.


In the world of modern rock music, you'll be hard pressed to find a name bigger than Nickelback. With an arsenal of platinum-selling albums, world tours and fans across the globe, the once small time Canadian post-grunge band have defied all the odds to become global superstars.

With this incredible fame and fanbase has come a large counter movement, proving that the more popular you are, the more hated you can be alongside. Nickelback have a long-standing reputation as one of the most hated bands in rock music, even though they have sold ten of millions of records (clearly not everyone hates them, someone must be buying them).

Even though this large anti-Nickelback movement gains a lot of press, it doesn't prevent the band from soldiering on with their careers as they continue to write, record and tour with no signs of stopping.

In their 25 year careers, Nickelback have released a total of nine full-length studio albums, ranging from international super sellers to critical cannon fodder. In this article, we will count down every album in Nickelback's discography, ranking from worst to best.

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