Fleetwood Mac Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

18 members and 17 albums, but which regime reigns supreme?

Fleetwood Mac Ranking
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In 1967 a disgruntled Peter Green was kicked out of what was considered to be a progressive band (John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers) after stepping into the shoes of a young Eric Clapton who was recently given the boot himself nonetheless!

As Peter reeled in his misery he refused to fold. He instead spread the word of a little project that he, Mick Fleetwood and another few fellas were conspiring to create. There was just one missing piece of the puzzle, a bass guitarist. They attempted to entice an up-and-coming guitarist named John McVie by partially naming the would-be band after him - to much success. They soon went to work and eventually conceived a little project named Fleetwood Mac.

It would be criminally understating it to say that the band was a success during its infancy. However, the recipe for success seemed to be the chopping and changing of personnel throughout their career with each new cog in the machine bringing new and unique types of dynamics to the group. Changing the bands style of music more times than a Chameleons colour palette.

After reaching global success in 5 separate decades, creating classic album after classic album and being nominated for (a measly) seven grammys, Fleetwood Mac cemented themselves as one of the greatest of all time with an incredible discography to boot.

17. Future Games

Fleetwood Mac Ranking

Do you remember when Eminem said "I make elevating music, you make elevator music" on Rap God? One can only wonder if he was referring to this piece of musical driftwood because let it be known that this is one of the most uninspired and yawn-inducing pieces of media that has ever been recorded in the annals of human history.

There isn't much to say about this album as this album has nothing to say itself. Which is exactly how the band members must have felt when they were putting pen to paper for this dumpster fire. The songs aren't exactly incoherent and yes, they do make sense, but structurally formulaic writing does not equate to a successful album or even something that is appeasing to a human beings sense of sound.

The melodies are boring, the instruments aren't exactly out of the norm and its worst offence is that it feels like a simple copy and paste job, rehashing everything that came before with little to no inspiration. It should've been cast into the depths of obscurity or at least be looked back at to learn from its mistakes.

Even if you're curious, be forewarned, you'll be turned off as soon as you turn on. While others may argue against this and claim that its nothing more than alright, it'll never be a standout on merit, but everyone has a preference.


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