Fleetwood Mac: Can You Name The Song From The Lyric?

How well do you know the songs of this iconic rock n' roll group?


Fleetwood Mac are a group which have continued to evolve over six decades in the music industry, making them one of the most iconic rock bands of all time. With various line-ups and the inclusion of talented artists from across both sides of the pond, the band have established themselves as one of the greatest acts to come out of the rock world.

Each member of the line-up - certainly in the well-know 'golden era' of Fleetwood, the McVie's, Buckingham and Nicks - brought their own uniqueness to the table during their time and each member of this era has become recognisable in their own right.

As a result, their discography is varied and passionate, intermixed with some very personal truths in their songs, and as such, their lyrics and music evoke some very deep-rooted feelings and themes. The group may not have liked each other all the time, but their situation certainly made some fantastic tracks.

But how well do you know some of the band's greatest hits? Could you tell the difference between a soft Christine McVie ballad and a Nicks classic rock track with just one line? It might not be as easy as you think...

1. "I'll Make A Path To The Rainbow's End, I'll Never Live To Match The Beauty Again."


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