Hella Mega Tour Quiz: Who Sang It - Green Day, Fall Out Boy Or Weezer?

Get learning the lyrics before the Hella Mega Tour 2020.


Three of the most successful rock bands across the last 25 years, coming together for the Hella Mega Tour. Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer have over 32 albums between them. Certainly there is a lot of lyrics to learn in time for the 2020 tour.

The trio have crossed over multiple times in the years prior to the Hella Mega Tour. Rivers Cuomo allegedly asked a "girl to the Green Day concert", who said "she had never heard of them" in Pinkerton's 1996 single El Scorcho. Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy also starred in the music video for Can't Knock the Hustle, the first single from Weezer's Black Album.

The American acts have also shared lyrical themes, sub-genres, and festival sets over the years. So we've crafted an ultimate list of lyrics for you to guess which band performed it. We're not going too easy on you though, we've chucked in a few album tracks alongside singles as well across the full breadth of their discographies. Can you tell Billie Joe lines from Rivers Cuomo? Or are you like Patrick, going to be left stumped?

Answers at the end!

1. "Flip On The Telly... Wrestle With Jimmy"

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