Hugh Laurie And 5 Other Incredible Actor/Musicians

hughlaurie-house Actor/musicians who are massive in one field are often ridiculed when they dare to step across this all-important borderline. Some make it and become huge international stars but others don€™t fare so well. When films like Jennifer Lopez€™s Maid In Manhattan and Britney Spears€™ Crossroads exist in the world, we can be forgiven for being sceptical of these cross-genre adventures. Miley Cyrus has also become too eponymous with this concept for my liking. Surely we can remember more actor/musicians who aren€™t aimed purely at twelve year-old girls? The actor/musician pattern used to be much more common, with stars like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby even starring in High Society together amongst their other innumerable projects, but there has since been plenty of critical ridiculing of actors trying to sing (and vice versa). The cliché is for such ventures to be immediately passed off as vanity projects and nothing more, often with barely a chance given to them. Because I had trouble only choosing five people, a special mention has to go to Ryan Gosling, who is fast becoming one of the most important actors of his generation; he sang You Only Hurt The One You Love in Blue Valentine (with a ukelele- how kitsch) and also has a band called Dead Man€™s Bones. Unfortunately, their album €œdoesn€™t reverse the rule that actors make dubious pop musicians€ despite its unique quirkiness. So can anyone reverse that rule? Or make it work the other way round? These six did.
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