Impossible Nas & Jay-Z Quiz - Who Rapped It?

Can you recognise the bars of two of the greatest hip hop artists of all time?


Do you truly believe that you're a hip hop aficionado? Well, this quiz will truly put that theory to the test, as we challenge your knowledge on the legendary Jay-Z and Nas, two of the most lyrical and lauded rappers to ever pick up a microphone.

We've sifted through both of their dense discographies and found some of their most memorable - and more obscure - lyrics to make sure that only die hard fans of both MCs could get 100%on this quiz. Rest assured, this isn't going to be a walk in the park.

If you're only up-to-date on their more recent work, this is going to be a real struggle for you. We went back all the way to the beginning of their illustrious careers to make sure every era has its spot. From Reasonable Doubt and Illmatic to 4:44 and The Lost Tapes 2, we make sure that all the albums are given their spot on this quiz.

Have you got enough knowledge of New York's finest lyrics to beat this quiz? Let's find out.

1. Let The Music Defuse All The Tension, Baller Convention, Free Admission, Hustlers, Dealers And Killers Can Move Swift, Girls Get Close, You Can Feel Where The Tool's Kept,

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