John Mayer: Ranking His Albums From Worst To Best

2013 was a reminder that John Mayer has still got it.

With the release of his latest single €œWho You Love€ (featuring one Katy Perry) gaining success, 2013 was a reminder that John Mayer has still got it. And after a timeline reaching back to the beginning of the century, music lovers have had the pleasure to see the evolution of John Mayer as an artist and as a person. Since 2001 with the release of his debut album Room for Squares, Mayer has constantly changed what his songs were about, the style of his music and what he aims for in his career as an artist. He has changed from the young kid aiming for commercial success to the man who isn€™t worried about how his music fares on the charts but writing music that means something to him. Over the years we€™ve seen him in the public eye ranging from he€™s infamous relationships to that interview with Playboy Magazine, his new lifestyle away from the spotlight to focus on his music and his blossoming romance with Katy Perry. But given all the media attention whether that be good or bad, he has always delivered with his music. Never one to be tied down to one genre, we€™ve seen him in he€™s early days with pop, rock music to his current style of easy listening, country. Problems he has faced are adapted into his song writing and brings us music that means something, it is relatable and reminds us that modern day music might not be dead. Since that 2001 release of Room For Squares, Mayer has gone on to release five more albums, the latest being the 2013 release Paradise Valley. Comparing the pair, Mayer has matured with the sound of his music and his image as a musician. At times somewhat underappreciated, Mayer has proven critics wrong doing what he wants and providing his many fans with brilliant music. But with what would be his best piece out of those six albums, many will have differing opinions but here is my listing.

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