Katy Perry: Ranking Her Albums Best To Worst

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Since her 2001 release of Christian rock music under her real name Katy Hudson, Superstar Katy Perry now has 4 studio albums, 1 live album and 2 world tours under her belt. Born in 1984 to pastors Keith Hudson and Mary Perry, Katy grew up listening to a lot of Gospel music and access to chart music was fairly limited for a long time. Now at the age of 28 Katy has hit international stardom and her name is known everywhere. Here are her four studio albums, including the newly released Prism ranked from best to worst.

1. Prism

Katy Perry Prism Cover With every album Katy Perry releases, comes a new part of her personality that she is willing to show to her fans. Prism has a completely different feel to any of her three other studio albums. Before the release Katy claimed that this album would be 'dark' and many critics scoffed at this, wondering how this would be possible considering the theme of her previous album, Teenage Dream, which features candy canes, cats and lollipops. Of course, Katy isn't channelling Gerard Way but there is a definite undertone of a darker side to Katy in many of the songs. The album features the new single Roar as well as other upbeat tracks such as Walking On Air and Dark Horse, however there are also songs which tackle the emotional distress Katy suffered after her marriage to Russell Brand broke down in December 2011. The track which displays her feelings in the deepest way is By The Grace Of God which is a slow song where Katy lets out her emotions which plagued her after the divorce. In conclusion, the album shows a whole new side to Katy and the album is more raw than any of the others, making it, in my opinion, the best so far.

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