Kendrick Lamar Or Kanye West Lyric Quiz: Who Rapped It?

Who's lyric is it - Kendrick or ye?

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Two of the most critically-acclaimed rappers of the 2010s, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West are two of America's hottest musical exports. The two have apparently collaborated on over 40 songs together, but for now we have only seen a small fraction of their combined power in No More Parties in LA on Kanye's The Life of Pablo.

The two are conscious hip-hop artists with lyricisms spotlighting politics to pop culture. Kendrick's last album was his fourth effort DAMN, which rewarded him with a wider audience working on Marvel's Black Panther soundtrack. Kanye meanwhile has recently switched to Christian music for his latest release Jesus Is King.

Can you identify a Kanye lyric from a Kendrick? We bet you won't get 100% on these bars. Answers at the end.

1. Pockets On Shrek, Rockets On Deck. Tell Me What's Next? Alien Sex

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