Korn: EVERY Album Ranked Worst To Best

The Gods of Nu-Metal.


Releasing their first demo in 1993, Korn are often credited as the band that brought nu-metal to the world. Influenced by the thrash metal, hip-hop and punk rock that had led the music scene for the last decade, the band burst onto the scene with their first, self-titled studio album in 1994, with a dirty, unique sound, angst-ridden lyrics and a brilliant balance of funk and pure heavy metal.

Since then, Korn haven't slowed down to take a breath. Despite some line-up changes, hit-and-miss experiments and personal bumps, the band have released thirteen albums, the latest of which coming out to rave reviews in 2019.

Though the nu-metal genre has melted away from what it once was, Korn have remained true to their roots throughout their near thirty year career thanks to the powerful lyrics and vocals of Jonathan Davis, the slap bass prowess of Reginald "Fieldy" Arviza and the the pioneering sounds of guitarists Brian "Head" Welch and James "Munky" Shaffer.

Not all of their albums have hit the same level, but each offer up enough to love, from scathing lyrics on alienation and pain to musical mastery that no other band has ever been able to emulate. In celebration of Korn simply existing, here are all 13 of the band's studio albums ranked worst to best.

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