Limp Bizkit: 10 Essential Tracks That Prove Their Genius

10. Lonely World (2003) €œLonely World€ is the soundtrack for the seeker; where the moments of loneliness that most fear are instead revered; where for a short amount of time you feel like refuelling from the truth of a rigid reality. It€™s in fact for those who at times fail to comprehend the logic of a world that completely underwhelms the individual; socially push a man to conform to a set mould where one is a token in a game with predictive ending: an organic mass for farming: a sheep on the hills of statistics where worthiness usually revolves around money; where sparing some time for one another depends on recognition and self-interest. This is reality, and this is where Limp Bizkit€™s Result May Vary (2003) delivers its 11th track where guitarist Mike Smith had been replacing the €œirreplaceable€ Wes Borland. Album: Results May Vary (2003) Click HERE to purchase this album on Amazon.

9. No Sex (1999) €œNo Sex€ is the 12th track on Significant Other (1999): Limp Bizkit€™s stamp of authority 2 years after the success of Three Dollar Bill Yall (1997). While the album is more notoriously remembered for the violent incident during the performance of the track €œBreak Stuff€, it reached top spot on the Billboard 200. Although the band was directly blamed for the violence at Woodstock in 1999, crowd reaction looks likely to remain a phenomenon artists will ever have any control over. In 2013, and with recent acts of hate worldwide, it might be fair using such events as a reminder of how music is an artistic escape; and how causing harm was never the point of musical expression, but rather giving an exit route for the anger, channelling it into introspection and artistic expression. €œNo Sex€ is an anthem of self-respect and the violent nature of relationships (devoid of feelings) which coincidentally acts as a further reminder of how our lives might have a sweeter taste when the heart is given a fair share of expressive freedom and consideration. We are organic but we also have hearts, it might be a good point remembering in the name of Humanity. (What a track to raise such awareness€ weird?) In the words of Oscar Wilde:
€œMost people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else€™s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.€ De Profundis, 1905
Album: Significant Other (1999)Click HERE to purchase this album on Amazon.
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