Listen: Walk Off The Earth - "Somebody That I Used To Know"

Watch WOTE's excellent cover of GOTYE's exquisite song - as well as a cheeky cover of the cover by Belgian band Nasty Panda.

Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" was definitely one of the songs of last year - beautifully picquant with emotion and disarming power- and featured a stand-out video, and now Canadian indie band Walk Off The Earth have scored a viral hit of their own with an equally good cover with its own clever video. In the interest of progression, we're presenting the original version of the song - because it damn well deserves to be listened to and watched many, many more times - as well as Walk Off The Earth's excellent redo... Brilliant. Honestly, if I still had a Myspace, this would be the song I'd choose for my profile. That's how hip I am. And here's the cover: A gorgeous thing, and a video almost worthy of OK Go-like status. Big things are now expected of the Canadians, and rightly so. As a footnote: not to be outdone Belgian band Nasty Panda have since released a tribute/cover of WOTE's own cover. What a wonderful spirally internet-led world we live in. Here's that one, which is also very good...
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