Meat Loaf: Can You Name The Song From The Lyric?

You'll be the ultimate Meat Loaf fan if you get 100% on this tough quiz!

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There's something about a good Meat Loaf song that really gets to the soul.

Known for his unique style of operatic rock, the singer catapulted to stardom following the release of 1977's Bat Out Of Hell, the first collaboration between himself and composing legend Jim Steinman. Originally intended as a 'Peter Pan' like musical, the album remains one of the best-selling of all time and led to further collaborations and successes for the pair for the next five decades.

Steinman and Meat Loaf are one of the most underrated musical duo's of all time - Steinman's composition and lyrics executed by the latter's voice results in musical poetry, with each song produced by them consistently feeling unique and epic in nature. Meat's voice radiates the power of the stories Steinman is trying to tell and, as such, their music will always be timeless.

But how well do you know all of their iconic tracks (and some of their lesser known ones)? Can you tell the difference between Steinman's lyrics from one song to the next? Can you pick out a Steinman collaboration from just one line or tell if it's one of Meat Loaf's solo-produced efforts?

If you can choose the right songs to all of these lyrics, you'll be an expert on the pair...

1. "There Ain't No Coup De Ville Hiding At The Bottom Of A Cracker Jack Box."


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