Metallica: 10 Best Hard Rock Songs

From the Black Album onwards, what are their absolute best?

Wikimedia Commons/Blackened Records

Metallica has been one of the most interesting bands to watch since the 80's. When they started out of the California Bay Area, their sound was no nonsense speed metal that went right for the jugular. Each subsequent record seemed to be another stellar addition to the thrash metal canon. Then the 90's happened...

When the band shifted gears into hard rock territory on their self-titled Black Album, fans felt betrayed that their favorite metal band was going soft all of a sudden.

What those fans were missing out on was the debut of Metallica as complex songwriters, whose knack for writing melodic hooks gave them an extra musical layer. Even when the band "sold out" in the late 90's, some of those records still feature cuts that could make anyone throw their horns up in the air with pride.

Though the band's thrash output remains some of their most timeless work, this was the period where we found out the band were capable of so much more. It no longer had to be confined to the 8-minute epic riff collage anymore.

After finding their identity, Metallica proved that they were a band that were not capable of writing just great metal songs, but songs that transcended the genre itself.


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