Metallica: 10 Best Lars Ulrich Drum Performances

The best of metal's most divisive drummer.

Charles Sykes/AP/Press Association Images

There has been a lot of bile thrown in Lars Ulrich's direction over the past few years. From his technical screwups onstage to his public feud with Napster in the early 2000's, the man has churned quite a few stomachs in his time. What people tend to overlook though, is how Ulrich rose up the ranks as one of the greatest drummers of his generation.

Getting one thing right off the bat: has Lars Ulrich's style dipped in quality over the years? Probably, yes. Given Metallica's relentless assault, the man definitely has a compromised sense of time, especially when the adrenaline of a live show is rampant.

However, the studio recordings from the early years and even some live cuts show just how amazing Ulrich was at the best of times. Even if the beat was simpler than you were expecting, it still left you banging your head from start to finish.

Now it's time for Lars to finally get his due. Here are just a few examples of Lars Ulrich laying the groundwork for the great metal drummers that were the follow. Though he has had plenty of St. Anger-worthy moments in his day, Ulrich has never compromised when it came to bludgeoning his audience with a feral percussion assault.

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