Metallica New Album: 10 Old-School Thrash Lessons They Need To Relearn

Hardwired to Self-Improve.

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Ever since the '90s, Metallica have seemed to have lost their touch a little bit.

While never slipping into flat-out unlistenable territory (St. Anger notwithstanding), the crux of the band's post-'80s catalog has often strayed away from what made them thrash metal titans in the first place. Though they seem to be on the right track as of late, Hetfield and co. have a lot of work to do before they're back to their former selves.

As a collective, a lot of changes need to be made if Metallica were to make another album as classic as Master of Puppets. Though albums like that worked great in their time, the band still have the potential to match that so long as they maintain their physical endurance.

We will obviously be excluding some of the more unthinkable options, like bringing back Jason Newsted or trying to de-age some of the members. Also, no matter how much we might want it, Cliff Burton's touch will have to remain only in spirit for this outing.

Nevertheless, Metallica can still manage to put another lasting stamp on the world of metal before their eventual retirement, and here are just a few rules that could help them reach the top once more.

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