Metallica Quiz: Can You Name These 10 Things Only Die Hard Fans Would Know

The truth behind Metal's most glorious band.

metallica ride the lightning
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Metallica are one of the few metal acts that you can say cross genre boundaries. Even people who couldn't tell the difference between Poison and Slayer could probably hum the riff to "Enter Sandman" or "Nothing Else Matters." However, what are the little things that made this metal band so successful?

From their beginnings as a mix of punk and metal to their "sellout" years in the late '90s, the band have had one of the more interesting careers of many metal bands going today. You could call every success artistic intuition, but there are always the subtle inlays that only the truly seasoned Metallica devotees would know.

This stuff goes beyond just the typical Metallica facts like Cliff Burton's tragic bus accident and the fact that "For Whom the Bell Tolls" has a complete bass intro. No, these are the real questions for those dyed-in-the-wool of these Bay Area titans. Take a peek down the rabbit hole and see if you can figure out the puzzle behind metal's music most loved and reviled act.

1. What Is The Only Metallica Song To Feature Slap Bass?

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