Muse - The 2nd Law Tour Review (Live At Eastlands)

It was the last of the 4 UK stadium (Coventry's Ricoh Arena and Arsenal's Emirates Stadium twice being the other UK stadium venues) gigs to be played live on the current tour, The 2nd Law tour, at Manchester City's Etihad Stadium and, apart from a few drunken people trying to ruin it for everyone else that just wanted to have a good time, it was a very good music event all round. Bastille took to the stage first, playing most of their songs from their debut album "Bad Blood", including the title track "Bad Blood", latest single "Laura Palmer" and their smash hit single "Pompeii" which they ended the set with. For a new band that havn't been on the music scene for very long, they were really good live and most fans enjoyed seeing them play and listening to them too.

Bastille's setlist - 1. Bad Blood 2. The Silence 3. Laura Palmer 4. Overjoyed 5. The Weight Of Living pt II 6. Icarus 7. Things We Lost In The Fire 8. Flaws 9. Pompeii After Bastille finished their set, it was Dizzee Rascal's turn to head to the stage with his usual comical antics and getting the crowd into a frenzy. Some Muse fans wern't too sure about Dizzee Rascal supporting such a massive rock band, but soon pretty much everyone was bouncing up and down to old hits such as "Holiday", "Fix Up, Look Sharp", Dance Wiv Me" and setlist ending "Bonkers", as well as some new music from his forthcoming album "The Fifth"

Dizzee Rascal's setlist - 1. Here 2 China 2. WeDon't Play Around 3. Bassline Junkie 4. Fix Up, Look Sharp 5. Dance Wiv Me 6. Something Really Bad 7. Love This Town 8. The Power 9. Holiday 10. Bonkers After Bastille and Dizzee Rascal did their things on stage, it was then Muse's turn to head the stage with their massive visual spectacular, complete with stage props, a big fire breathing robot and even a flying lightbulb! As well as playing most of their songs from "The 2nd Law" album like opening track "Supremacy" (with fire breathing chimneys!), "Follow Me", "Panic Station" and "Madness", they also played some past concert favourites like "Plug In Baby, "Time Is Running Out", "Supermassive Black Hole" and "Knights Of Cydonia" and also previous songs they havn't played for a long while such as "Blackout", "Unintended" and "Dead Star". Also the lead singer was very interactive towards the crowd, especially with people on the front row, which certainly made their night It was an absolutely incredible atmosphere, most of the crowd were well behaved throughout the gig and the security there were very good at swiftly escorting the drunks and trouble makers out of the stadium, and there was also free water for people at the front row and for a few rows behind too for whoever wanted a drink. There were also a slight technical difficulty only during the opening song (Supremacy) when the big stage visual screen went blank halfway through for about 20 seconds but was fixed towards the end (the crowd didn't seem to mind it though!) Overall though it was smiles all round for everybody and everyone went home very happy

Muse's setlist - 1. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable (First verse dialogue only) 2. Supremacy 3. Supermassive Black Hole 4. Panic Station 5. Bliss 6. Resistance 7. Animals 8. Knights Of Cydonia 9. Dracula Mountain Riff 10. United States Of Eurasia 11. Dead Star 12. Montpelier Jam 13. Feeling Good 14. Follow Me 15. Liquid State 16. Time Is Running Out 17. Stockholm Syndrome 18. Unintended 19. Blackout 20. Guiding Light 21. Undisclosed Desires 22. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable 23. Plug In Baby 24. Survival 25. The 2nd Law: Isolated System 26. Uprising 27. Starlight
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